How can I generate a `.json` file for all sheets

I have questions about how to convert an excel file with more than one sheet to .json format

I have a database in Excel, with 4 sheets, then I do the following command to read: df1<-read_excel('C:/Users/Jojo/Desktop /df1.xlsx'), but it only reads the first sheet, so when I run write_json(df1, "yourfile.json"), it doesn't generate a file. .json for all sheets, just to first. So how can I generate a .json file for all sheets together?

Looping through the sheets and concatenating the data, then writing it out to JSON would be one not so elegant but very workable solution:

df1 <- lapply(
    function(sheet) {
            path = 'df1.xlsx',
            sheet = sheet
) %>%

write_json(df1, 'yourfile.json')
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