How can I get not only variables' names from R into Excel, but also the comments of the variables' names?

Hi all,

I'm an R-beginner...

I have received a .sav-file, which I have imported into RStudio. Since I want to look at the data in Excel as well, I have converted it into an .csv-file using the write.csv function. My problem is now that in RStudio the names of the variables/column heads look like e.g. this:
Item KHF 7: How old are you?

However in Excel, the explanatory comment "Item KHF 7: How old are you?" is missing. Only "KHF_07" is shown. I can't work like this in Excel, because the variables' names are not self-explanatory without their comments. (I don't know, if "comment" is the tecnically correct term in R for these explanatory comments).

How can I get these explanatory comments into Excel as well, preferably in the same field as the variables' names?

Many thanks.

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This blog post may be of some help. Working with SPSS labels in R

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