How can I interpret the question?

This is the function I created, how can I make the main argument a simple vector of numeric values?.

IndexofDispersion<- function(X, ...) {
return( var(X, ...)/mean(X,...))

to run the function with a simple vector of numeric values you can do


the result will be 1.078947

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Thanks. I have another question. I created the function
IndexofDispersion<- function(X, ...) {
return( var(X, ...)/mean(X,...))
I have to test it on a data set like "horsekicks" but it is a data frame, so I get
Warning message:
In mean.default(X, ...) : argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA
What can i do?

Im not familiar with horsekicks, would you run your function on any particular variable/column of that?

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