How can I keep a graphics device open in R batch mode?

I asked this question on StackOverflow and yet to get an answer. I hope somebody could help out here:

I am trying to use the DataEntry package in R batch mode in Windows. Specifically I am using

Rscript -e "DataEntry::DataEntry()"

The code works, but once the GUI for the form opens, it closes immediately and R exits. I have noticed similar behaviour in the past, whilst trying to show plots using the R graphics device in batch mode.

I did a little searching online and found something that actually suspends complete execution of the script, which I implemented thus:

Rscript -e "DataEntry::DataEntry(); readLines(file('stdin'))"

It halted the execution alright and also displayed the expected window, but the GUI never completely loads and thus is non-operable.

The DataEntry package works with RGtk2, gWidgets2RGtk2 and gWidgets2.

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