How can I label a dataset

I am new to R. I am wondering how to label a dataset, like to label ADSL as " Subject Level Analysis Dataset"

Check here. Maybe you will find answer:

Thanks a lot. I checked the link and it is used for label variables or values. I have no problem to labeling variable or value. But I did not find a way to label data-frame or tibble or dataset.

what would it mean to 'label' a dataset, and in what context is that useful ?
do you perhaps just mean the name that its known by ?
you could indeed add arbitrary attributes, that you could access ... but is this worthwhile ?
attributes wont often come along for the ride when you use transformations, so they can be pretty fragile...
unless you want to get into making your own classes, but I think this would open up a big can of worms.
Something I do very occasionally is to keep related objects in a common list.

mydata <- head(iris)

     "mylabel") <- "This is to document that this data.frame was made by head(iris)"




mydata2 <- select(mydata,


mydata2 <- mydata
mydata2 <- select(mydata2,

mydata3 <- list(Note="The data.frame came from head(iris",
                df = head(iris))


Thanks you very much. I checked other SDTM dataset. Inside, they have $label attribute, and it should be similar to your example 'mylabel'.

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