How can I put samples name in a score plot?


I'm doing a PLS of 1 component and I would like to know if it possible to include the samples name in the score plot.

The commands done:
Urine_data <- read_excel("NORMALIZED.xlsx")

Groups <- Urine_data$Groups
ID <- Urine_data$ID
Concentrations <- as.numeric(colnames(Urine_data))
x <- as.matrix(Urine_data[,c(3:12)])

Urine_data.pls <- opls(Urine_data[,c(3:12)], Urine_data$Groups, predI = 1, crossvalI = 7, scaleC = 'standard')


The score plot and the data:

I would like to include "F1", "F2", etc.

Hi @mendigorri ,

For plots in base-R you can use the function text(). Here you can find how to do it.

Hope this is what you are looking for?