how can I shamelessly copy-paste the console output to word while keeping colors?



Please dont hit me OK? :slight_smile:

I would like to know what is the most efficient way to copy paste the output from my console from R Studio to Word. Of course, I would like to keep all the nice formatting features of the colored tibble columns, etc.

Is that even possible?


I don't think a simple copy paste would manage to keep colors.

There could be several possible path to achieve what you want:

  • Copy paste a Rmd document and generate a word with Rmarkdown, syntax highlighting is included. Not sure the one from crayon :package: it kept though... (the one for tibble)
  • as you are ready to copy paste code, a simple screen capture would work.
  • You could give a try to the new cabornate CRAN package. It is awesome to create beautiful image of source code.


ha.. interesting. thanks!


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