How Can I Use Italics in Code Blocks

I want to add italic text in my code block:

wipefs -a /dev/*NAME*
cfdisk /dev/*NAME*

But in the final output, it doesn't work. It just shows the * symbols.

Content inside block code with a language name will be parsed as verbatim code, as-is without any specific parsing. You can't use markdown syntax inside code blocks - this is not supported by Pandoc.

You would need to generate HTML directly after the knitting step. For that, You can use external post-processing of the code block for your rendered output (like HTML processing) to tweak the output.
Some R packages like flair may help you:

Maybe it can be used to produce sh code block too - not sure about that I did not try but you should check it out

I followed the instructions for the link you gave me, bet the flair package doesn't work for blogdown.

How can I do this without flair?

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