How Can Students Collaborate with RStudio.Cloud?

Can students collaborate on projects?

Is there an integrated chat system in like Slack, so students can ask questions and I as instructor can answer? I currently use Slack, but it would be nice to have it all in one place?

There is no concurrent collaborative editing of projects -- so your students couldn't collaborate like they might do on a Google doc -- so this is important to note. But there are a few approaches to collaboration:

  • If you also teach version control, you can have a single repo on GitHub that all students in a group has access to and they clone this repo on their individual RStudio Cloud accounts within your course workspace and they can push their changes to the repo. This is the approach I use in my data science courses. You can read more about here and here.

  • If not, one possible approach is to have you (instructor) or students in a team create an RStudio Project outside of a workspace and share with team members. Currently there is no way to share a project with specific individuals within a workspace.

Currently, there is not.

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