How do I add a tag to my ROC plot

Trying to add labels A) and B) to each panel for my two ROC plots.

par(mfrow=c(1,2), xpd=F)

erf.k <- evaluate(testpres_fairy, testbackg_fairy, rf.k)
plot(erf.k@TPR~erf.k@FPR, type="b",col="red", main=paste0("RF, AUC = ",round(erf.k@auc,2)), xlab="False Positive Rate", ylab = "True Positive Rate", tag = "A")

eglm.k <- evaluate(testpres_fairy, testbackg_fairy, m17,
plot(eglm.k@TPR~eglm.k@FPR, type="b",col="red", main= paste0("GLMM, AUC = ",round(eglm.k@auc,2)), xlab="False Positive Rate", ylab = "True Positive Rate")

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