How do I break a R shiny app into modules?

I had an issue on how to restore bookmark and run the model. This is just a reproducible example but as an app, I would like to modularize it as the size of the app keeps on increasing. I have the code below. In module 1 I want to call to render the datatable and call module 2 when the user clicks on the bookmark.As of now I have the code in module 1 which isnt working . The code for module 2 is in the server section. How can I modularize this app.

"Use case for a shiny app where the users can enter some value and when clicked on run it would run a model and show the values in the table. Now when I click on bookmark it captures the input values. And when I click on the restore bookmark it does populate the input values. What I want to do is after it restores the input values it should also run the model again and populate the values in the table. In short restore bookmark should populate the values and click on the run button to run the model."


#### Module 1 renders the first table
opFunc <- function(input, output, session, modelRun,modelData,budget){

  output$x1 <- DT::renderDataTable({

        df %>% mutate(Current  = as.numeric(Current)*(budget())), selection = 'none', editable = TRUE
  tableUI <- function(id) {
    ns <- NS(id)

#### ideally the second module for bookmarks

opBookmark <- function(){}

ui <- function(request) {
      column(3,tags$div(title="forecast", numericInput("budget_input", label = ("Total Forecast"), value = 2))),
      column(2, textInput(inputId = "description", label = "Bookmark description", placeholder = "Data Summary")),
      column(2, bookmarkButton(id="bookmarkBtn"))),
      column(2, actionButton("opt_run", "Run")),
    tags$style(type='text/css', "#bookmarkBtn { width:100%; margin-top: 25px;}")

server <- function(input, output, session) {

  callModule( opFunc,"opfun",modelRun = reactive(input$opt_run),modelData = df,budget = reactive(input$budget_input))
  observeEvent(input$opt_run, {
  observeEvent(input$bookmarkBtn, {
enableBookmarking(store = "url")
shinyApp(ui, server)

I have posted this question on stack overflow too.
Thank you.
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SO link: (I answered there 17 hours ago)

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