How do I deploy a Shiny app to Shiny Server?

So I've gotten to the point where I have a Shiny Server set up using Digital Ocean based on a tutorial I found. Unfortunately, now I can't figure out how to publish my own Shiny app that I've built. I put all the code in a shiny-server folder on my Github (link here) but can't figure out how to publish that app to the Server. I'm on a Windows computer so I've been using PuTTY to set up the server. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do so? Or have another guide that I can follow? Thanks in advance for the help!

The tutorial you mention also explains how to set up a workflow where you can develop the app in your windows computer commit and push changes to a github repository and then on the server simply go to the srv/shiny-server folder and "pull" changes from the repository or, you could simply copy your app's folder to that location using an ftp client.

@andresrcs yeah, that's the part that's confusing me the most. I didn't have any experience with that prior to using that tutorial so when you say "on the server go to the /srv/shiny-server" folder and 'pull' changes" I'm not quite sure how to do that. Any suggestions?

If you have already configured git in that folder (initialize git and set remotes) you can simply run this command

sudo git pull origin master

I can hardly be more specific than the tutorial you are following so I would recommend you to re-read it more carefully.

I definitely found it to be a challenge to deploy an app to a self-hosted Shiny Server about a year ago, having a few years of basic git/cli experience but no hosting/nginx/etc experience.

From the posts above (unless I'm misinterpreting!), it sounds like you may have some trouble following the tutorial due to a lack of git and command line experience. So, you might want to follow git tutorials like this one and/or exercises to get comfortable on remote servers, like the first few stages of overthewire.

In the meantime, if you haven't considered it already, is very easy to deploy to and has free and paid tiers (edit--ahh, I see now that you had a previous post about this where you already considered

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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