How do I get 'R' to split into the 4 quadrants

Hi! I'm quite new to 'R' but am taking a data science class and one of the things we're learning about is 'R'. I have a Mac and downloaded version 4.0.3 of 'R'. My professor was showing his screen in a recent class and it breaks things into 4 quadrants (top left quadrant: typing in commands, bottom right quadrant has things like graphs, for example) but when I launch 'R' I only get essentially 1 quadrant that takes up the screen (place to type in commands). How does one get the screen to split into those 4 quadrants?


Sounds like you installed R (the language) and now want RStudio the IDE

Very likely your professor is using RStudio, an IDE for the R programming language.

Thanks, Calum and Andres!

quick follow-up question from the link Andres sent....In terms of the free options listed on there, do you recommend R Studio Desktop or R Studio Server?

That depends, Do you want to install it on your personal computer or on a headless server?

Hi Andres: it would be for my personal computer

Then the more sensical choice would be to use the desktop version.

Thanks and thanks again for sending that link earlier as well!