How do I hide the side panel

...I have a shiny app

that i can manipulate the display like this via the URL
(got that on another post on here)

I would like to keep the sidepanel code in the but hid it .... is that possible?

here is my code should wok if you paste it into rstudio


ui <- fluidPage(

  # Sidebar layout with a input and output definitions
    # Inputs
      # Select variable for y-axis
      selectInput(inputId = "y", 
                  label = "Y-axis:",
                  choices = c("Water Level" = "WaterLevel", 
                              "Discharge Debit" = "DischargeDebit"), 
                  selected = "WaterLevel"),
      selectInput(inputId = "z", 
                  label = "station:",
                  choices = c(
                    "SHORT CREEK NEAR ROCHE PERCEE (SK)" = "05NB021",
                    "LONG CREEK NEAR ESTEVAN (SK)" = "05NB001",
                    "SOURIS RIVER BELOW RAFFERTY RESERVOIR (SK)" = "05NB036",
                    "RAFFERTY RESERVOIR NEAR ESTEVAN (SK)" = "05NB032",
                    "MOOSE MOUNTAIN CREEK BELOW GRANT DEVINE LAKE (SK)" = "05ND013",
                    "GRANT DEVINE LAKE NEAR ALAMEDA (SK)" = "05ND012",
                    "MOOSE MOUNTAIN CREEK ABOVE GRANT DEVINE LAKE (SK)" = "05ND010",
                    "NICKLE LAKE NEAR WEYBURN (SK)" = "05NB020",
                    "SWIFT CURRENT CREEK BELOW ROCK CREEK (SK)" = "05HD036",
                    "MOOSE MOUNTAIN LAKE (RESERVOIR= NEAR CORNING (SK)" = "05NC002",
                    "MOOSE JAW RIVER NEAR BURDICK (SK)" = "05JE006",
                    "QU'APPELLE RIVER NEAR WELBY (SK)" = "05JM001",
                    "SWIFT CURRENT CREEK NEAR LEINAN (SK)" = "05HD039",
                    "WASCANA CREEK NEAR LUMSDEN (SK)" = "05JF005",
                    "QU'APPELLE RIVER NEAR LUMSDEN (SK)" = "05JF001",
                    "QU'APPELLE RIVER ABOVE BUFFALO POUND LAKE (SK)" = "05JG004",
                    "QU'APPELLE RIVER BELOW LOON CREEK (SK)" = "05JK007",
                    "ELBOW DIVERSION CANAL AT DROP STRUCTURE (SK)" = "05JG006",
                    "LAST MOUNTAIN LAKE AT ROWAN'S RAVINE (SK)" = "05JH004",
                    "LAKE DIEFENBAKER AT GARDINER DAM (SK)" = "05HF003",
                    "ASSINIBOINE RIVER AT KAMSACK (SK)" = "05MD004",
                    "BIG QUILL LAKE NEAR KANDAHAR (SK)" = "05MA010",
                    "SOUTH SASKATCHEWAN RIVER AT SASKATOON (SK)" = "05HG001",
                    "RED DEER RIVER NEAR ERWOOD (SK)" = "05LC001",
                    "NORTH SASKATCHEWAN RIVER AT PRINCE ALBERT (SK)" = "05GG001",
                    "SASKATCHEWAN RIVER BELOW THE FORKS (SK)" = "05KD007",
                    "NORTH SASKATCHEWAN RIVER NEAR DEER CREEK (SK)" = "05EF001",
                    "CARROT RIVER NEAR TURNBERRY (SK)" = "05KH007",
                    "TOBIN LAKE AT THE SPILLWAY (SK)" = "05KD004",
                    "SASKATCHEWAN RIVER BELOW TOBIN LAKE (SK)" = "05KD003",
                    "WHITE GULL CREEK AT HIGHWAY NO. 106 (SK)" = "05KE010",
                    "COLD RIVER AT OUTLET OF COLD LAKE (SK)" = "06AF001",
                    "DORE RIVER NEAR THE MOUTH (SK)" = "06AG002",
                    "LAC LA RONGE AT LA RONGE (SK)" = "06CB001",
                    "RAPID RIVER AT OUTLET OF LAC LA RONGE (SK)" = "06CB002",
                    "CANOE RIVER NEAR BEAUVAL (SK)" = "06BB005",
                    "CHURCHILL RIVER AT SANDY BAY (SK)" = "06EA002",
                    "CHURCHILL RIVER ABOVE WINTEGO RAPIDS (SK)" = "06EA011",
                    "CHURCHILL RIVER ABOVE OTTER RAPIDS (SK)" = "06CD002",
                    "DILLON RIVER BELOW DILLON LAKE (SK)" = "06BA002",
                    "CHURCHILL RIVER NEAR PATUANAK (SK)" = "06BB003",
                    "WAPISKAU RIVER ABOVE WHITE LAKE (SK)" = "06DD003",
                    "REINDEER RIVER ABOVE DEVIL RAPIDS (SK)" = "06DD002",
                    "HAULTAIN RIVER ABOVE NORBERT RIVER (SK)" = "06BD001",
                    "WATHAMAN RIVER BELOW WATHAMAN LAKE (SK)" = "06DC001",
                    "WHEELER RIVER BELOW RUSSELL LAKE (SK)" = "06DA005",
                    "GEIKIE RIVER BELOW WHEELER RIVER (SK)" = "06DA004",
                    "DOUGLAS RIVER NEAR CLUFF LAKE (SK)" = "07MA003",
                    "WATERFOUND RIVER BELOW THERIAU LAKE (SK)" = "07LB002",
                    "WOLLASTON LAKE AT ROSS CHANNEL (SK)" = "06DA001",
                    "MACFARLANE RIVER AT OUTLET OF DAVY LAKE (SK)" = "07MB001",
                    "FOND DU LAC RIVER AT OUTLET OF BLACK LAKE (SK)" = "07LE002",
                    "LAKE ATHABASCA NEAR CRACKINGSTONE POINT (SK)" = "07MC003",
                    "CHARLOT RIVER AT OUTLET OF WEBB LAKE (SK)" = "07QC008",
                    "TAZIN RIVER ABOVE TAZIN LAKE (SK)" = "07QC006",
                    "TAZIN LAKE NEAR OUTLET (SK)" = "07QC002",
                    "ABITAU RIVER ABOVE CUMING LAKE (SK)" = "07QC005"
selected = "05EF001")
    # Output
      plotOutput(outputId = "lineplot")

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  addClass(selector = "body", class = "sidebar-collapse")
    query <- parseQueryString(session$clientData$url_search)
    if (!is.null(query[['z']])) {
      updateSliderInput(session, "z", value = query[['z']])
    if (!is.null(query[['y']])) {
      updateSliderInput(session, "z", value = query[['z']])
file = ""
skdat <- read.csv(file, head=T, sep=",", dec=".", stringsAsFactors = F)
colnames(skdat) <- c("ID", "Date", "WaterLevel", "Grade1", "Symbol1",
                     "QAQC-1", "DischargeDebit", "Grade2", "Symbol2",

#subds <- subset(skdat, ID=input$z)
#subds$datetime <- as.POSIXct(subds$Date, format = "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%OS")
#output$lineplot <- renderPlot({ 
#  ggplot(subds, aes(x = datetime, y = !!$y))) + geom_line() 

output$lineplot <- renderPlot({
  subds <- subset(skdat, ID == input$z)
  subds$datetime <- as.POSIXct(subds$Date, format = "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%OS")
  ggplot(subds, aes(x = datetime, y = !!$y))) +


# Create a Shiny app object
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

You can try using to hide the side panel.

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