How do I know which version works on my computer:

Hello people, I am trying to install a Rstudio desktop version on my computer, but it doesn't work. My laptop is a Macbook pro Mid 2009 with a Macos Catalina Patch, but even the earliest versions aren't working. I don't know what problem it may be, it appears a message of "unable to locate R binary by scanning standard locations". Please Help me out!

Just to rule out the basics, since you haven't specified this. Have you also installed R in your system? Have in mind that RStudio doesn't come with R bundled, you have to install it separately.

I tried to install in my computer, but don’t know it worked completely. I followed the instructions my professor gave me to instal. I clicked the option it was free and that was directed to my software. In this case, rstudio, not R per se

Rstudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the R programming language, it doesn't work by itself, you need to have R installed in your system first.

Oh I didn’t know that, I’ll do it and let you know later the aftermath.