How do I run a function definition from inside it?

I write functions with many lines of code. While I am writing these functions I make frequent changes. To test a function I scroll to the bottom of the function, click just after the closing "}" and hit CTRL+ENTER. That works fine but much is time wasted scrolling up and down. Is there a command in RStudio that would run the definition of the function the cursor is in?

Ctrl + Alt + F should run the current function definition at your cursor's location.

You can see more Rstudio shortcuts with Alt + Shift + K, or using the Tools -> Keyboard Shortcuts Help menu. I found this one under the "Execute" header.

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Thanks, but I don't want to run a function. I want to run a function definition. Something like myfunction <- function(x) { many lines of code }. I am in the middle of those many lines of code and do not want to scroll to the bottom and click just after "}" and hit CTRL+ENTER. I would like to run the definition from where I am in the middle of the body of the function.

That's exactly what Ctrl + Alt + F does. Did you even bother to try it?

Hello Soldalma, to search about desk shortcuts, you can see the documentation, or just search in your keyboard.

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