How do i set up Holt Winters model in R studio?

Hello ,I am a beginner with R Studio.Can someone help me how to set up a Holt winters forecast model in my RStudio?
what do i have to do? I have lots of time series data .Do I for example have to install a forecast package and where can i find that? Do i need more/other packages? I would need some kind of directional instructions as what to do.


Hi, and welcome!

You'll want the forecast package and a careful read of Hyndman and Athanasopoulos, especially § 7.3.

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Make sure you follow technocrat’s link to the 2nd edition, which is based on the forecast package. Read the Appendix: Using R for instructions to install forecast and other required packages.

There is also a draft version of the 3rd edition of their book. It uses the tidyverts set of packages, which is still maturing.


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