How do you know the bundle size limit that you've exhausted?

I've a free RShiny plan currently. My app reads a dataset that's almost 15MB along with performing some iterative calculations, hence, runs out of memory oftenly while deployment.

"The bundle size that can be uploaded is limited to 1 GB for the Free and Starter plans, and up to 5 GB for the Basic, Standard, and Professional plans."

This is an answer that I read regarding the maximum limits of uploaded bundle size. How much limit have I used? After deployment, a folder is created by the name of rsconnect, and is barely 228 Bytes in size. Is this the uploaded bundle limit out of free 1 GB that I've used? In my Shiny App Dashboard, Metrics for this application shows Memory Usage at roughly 300MB. Is this the limit used out of free 1 GB uploaded bundle size?

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