How do you pronounce "withr"?

How do you pronounce "withr"?

with R ?

Wither? (like minecraft boss?)

I pronounce it like wither (as in “wither away and die”), but I'm sure you'll be fine either way.



thank you !

After hearing your words, the tree in the icon looked like a wither(witer) tree.

But why does withr, which manipulates global option values, use a wither tree as its motif?
If you know, I'd like to ask you.

withr is often used to temporarily create environments for the purposes of testing. In the tidyverse/r-lib, we try to use certain prefixes to help "jog" function names for people when autocomplete comes up (e.g. stringr's str_*() functions). When you create these environments, you're doing something with the environment in a certain state, hence the use of functions with names following a with_*()pattern (see withr docs for examples).

I don't know who designed the hex sticker, but I'd say the process is roughly functionality → package name → something evocative of package name if there's a sticker. I also don't know why stringr has a violin as opposed to, say, a double bass (or some other use of string). The same holds for the old dplyr sticker, which had slip-joint pliers (the new one has what I think are slip-joint, nose-clamp, and needle-nose pliers, but there's no particular reason flat-nose, linesman, etc. pliers are excluded).

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Glad to hear your opinion !!
I learned a lot just by finding out that you don't know.
(I'm just glad to know that there are other people out there who are mystified by it besides me.)

Thanks for your kind and warm reply.

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