How does shinnyapp measure usage and how do you reduce usage?


I'm hoping to get a better idea on the "usage" calculation for shinayapp. I see the free version is 25 hours per month. Is it 25 hours per app per month or 25 hours in total per month? I that will be used up really quickly since just clicking on the link will lead to 5 minutes of use. My questions are:

  • Does the 5 minute idle timer start counting if the individual has the page open but is in a different tab? Or does it only start counting when the individual has closed the tab/left the page?
  • How would one go about optimizing and reducing use time? Obviously, you can't control what the user does, but what are some ways to reduce it? I can see if you show 30 people the app, some keep it open in the background, that's 25 hours in no time if you showed them during a 1 hour presentation. If you have 5 apps, then time will be up much faster
    *If 2 users use an app at the same time for 10 minutes, does it count as 10 minutes or 20 minutes of usage?