How frequently are R-devel binaries rebuilt on RStudio Public Package Manager?

ggplot2's repo uses RStudio Public Package Manager for GitHub Actions CI. For this 2 weeks, its R-devel runner keeps failing with this error:

> test_check("ggplot2")
── 1. Error: aesthetics are drawn correctly (@test-aes.r#160)  ─────────────────
Graphics API version mismatch
 1. vdiffr::expect_doppelganger(...)
 2. vdiffr:::writer(fig, testcase, title)
 3. vdiffr:::svglite(file, user_fonts = get_aliases())
 4. vdiffr:::svglite_(...)

I think the message "Graphics API version mismatch" indicates that some package is built when R-devel had older version of API, and probably it has not been refreshed since then even after the API version was incremented. How frequently are R-devel binaries rebuild on RStudio Public Package Manager? If it's not refreshed, is it not a good idea to use it on R-devel?

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Hi, RStudio Package Manager doesn't build binary packages for R-devel yet. I think the GitHub Actions workflows currently install R 4.0 binaries for R-devel on Linux, which is probably okay in most cases. For packages where this doesn't work, you could switch to installing all packages from source on R-devel, or installing just the incompatible package from source (vdiffr?).

To stop installing R 4.0 binaries altogether, remove the http-user-agent field here:

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Ahh, I didn't understand why the YAML specifies http-user-agent..., sorry for my confusion. Then, I'll stick with source. Thanks for your help!

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