How I can select dates by values?

I have a data frame with two variables: dates and value and and I want to select the date in which there was the maximum value. The max () function gives me the maximum value of the value variable but I don't know if there is any way to get the date that this value occurred, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for reading me

dat <- data.frame(dates = c("2020-05-23","2020-05-24","2020-05-25"),
                  value = c(42,137,137))

dat[which(dat$value == max(dat$value)),][1]
#>        dates
#> 2 2020-05-24
#> 3 2020-05-25

library dplyr has a convenience function for selecting the max (also has one for min)
using technocrat's example dat data.frame :

dat %>% slice_max(value)
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