How many users can use this app at once?

I have a shiny app with some interative elements (questions, graphs etc). If i want to share this with a class of students, how many students would be able to use the app at the same time?

It's basically impossible to know — it depends completely on what your app does and how efficiently has been implemented. The best thing to do is to learn a little about shinyloadtest so that you can empirically verify how many users it can handle simultaneously (and learn where some of the the bottlenecks are)

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Thank you Hadley. I will try out loadtest. Can i ask, if my app does not include any interactive use elements and is meant purely for visual browsing, does that mean it can be 'seen' by any number of users?

If it's just a static html page, then you don't need to host it on shinyapps, and it can be viewed by a very large number of people simultaneously.

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