How many users can work on R Shiny Server Pro?

There is information about the limitation of 20 concurrent users working with R Shiny Server Pro. But how many non-concurrent users can work with the server?

The answer to this question is critical for understanding spendings on 1 user per year/month/day. Let say, $9,995 per year for 100 users means $8,32 user/month (9995/12/100).

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Hope it will help Shiny server pro concurrent users

In other words, assuming you don’t have load balancing:

  • each new real person connected to the server is considered as 1 concurrent user. You have up to 20 user with the basic pack. Above, all additional connections will be rejected.
  • if one user connects to an app with 2 different browsers, it counts as 2 concurrent users. Have a try with the monitoring function (graphite) on port 4151 of your shiny server pro. Try to log to the same app with the same browser but open 2 different tabs: you will see 1 user and 2 connections, so 1 concurrent user. Same thing with 2 different browsers: 2 concurrent users ...
  • consequently, I am not sur to understand « non concurrent user » because at some points, there will be always concurrent users

Thanks a lot for the answer. As I understand it can be any number of registered users on server but only 20 registered users can work at the same time on server as "concurrent users", and the max number of such concurrent users is 20+20+150=190, right?

What will be the cost of these 190 concurrent users per year?

For 20 users it's 9,995 /12 / 20 = $41.65 user/month

A 150 user pack is 14995$ and 4995$ for 20 extra users. I think you can have a discount if you are part of a small company with less than 1M$/year...

Maybe you should consider RStudio connect


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If you have pricing concerns, it's really best to talk to our (excellent) sales team. They can help you figure out what your exact needs are and what kinds of discounts are available to you.

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