How merge base maps in leaflet?

Hi Community

I'm have a questions about if is possible merge or combine two base map in leaflet. The idea is get only a one base map not two. Is possible in leaflet this idea?

Or maybe cut and specific zone for get this information?

Because I want use many base map in same zone but is not friendly activate and deactivate each base map.


n = leaflet() %>% 
  addTiles(group = "Base") %>% 
  setView( lng = 1, lat = 40, zoom = 5 )

n %>% addProviderTiles(providers$OpenStreetMap, group = 'OpenStreetMap') %>% 
  addProviderTiles(providers$OpenTopoMap, group='OpenTopoMap') %>% 
  addLayersControl(baseGroups = c('OpenStreetMap', 'OpenTopoMap'))

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