How regression model loop

Hello, community!
A linear model, and one independent variable may have many different groups data(different measure methods), and put one group data at one time? How could i loop the regression model(like GLM or others)? iris data could be example data.
Any help would be appreciated.

Need a formal reproducible example here to work with but sounds like the map and walk families of functions from purrr could help here (i.e.purrr::imap_dfr(...))

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Here is an example for linear model using the iris dataset you suggested. I used a for loop:

Load packages


iris data


Data Wrangling

iris <- iris %>%
relocate(Species,.before = Sepal.Length)

Fit the model with a for loop

for (i in 2:ncol(iris)) {
print(paste('---',names(iris[i]),'---')) # This adds the traits names

model <- lm(iris[[i]]~.,data=iris) # This fit the linear model

print(anova(model)) # This print the anova table


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