How test the repeatability

Dear all,
I have a dataset with some behaviors of an animal species (quantified in numerical terms), measured over several years, and I noticed that some data are of the same individuals. So I would like to test the repeatability, that is (I think) see if the same individual over the years maintains the same behaviors or not. I searched on the forums and on the web, but didn't find much of repeatability in R. I believe that to test the repeatability I should use the "rptR" package.

I'm consulting this guide, but I'm not getting it right:

My dataset is for example composed as follows:

Is anyone practical in this repeatability procedure by chance? Just to explain how it works, I am not very familiar with R but I am learning. In the guide that I am reading, I believe I should use the example for repeatability for gaussian data, but I not understand how the command "rpt" works. I have seen that the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) is often used, which it provides a numerical value between 0 and 1, and the closer it is to 1, and more the measurement is repeatable, with the function in R call ICC().


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