How to access OS environment variable from shiny app's server.R

I am getting blank when accessing OS environment variable USER from app's server.R installed on shiny server.
output$textoutput=renderText(paste("user name is ",Sys.getenv(c("USER"))))

The variable is available on bash prompt.
I tried exporting the variable as well.

Hi Jasmin, I was trying to recreate your request and it should work based on your mentioned code-snippet. :wink:

Best regards

P.S. Below is a short example: :slight_smile:


ui <- fluidPage(
  #display your 'textoutput'

server <- function(input, output, session){
  #get your user name based on 'Sys.getenv' (static object) <- paste0("user name is ",Sys.getenv(c("USER")))
  #test easy by printing on console
  #create UI output object 
  output$textoutput <- renderText({

shinyApp(ui, server)

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Thanks for confirming Adam, I will have to find why I am getting a blank

For security reason, a shiny that runs in a shiny server does not see all the environment variable of the system. It is like a sandbox process.

A discussion on this:

Sorry, this isn't possible today. We scrub most environment variables before launching R, in case there is sensitive information in them or .Renviron in you app is a way to pass environment variable, but it could not apply in your case.


This helps, thank you

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