How to add a new line of study data to a forest plot?

Hi everyone. I am currently doing a meta analysis and have created a forest plot with 5 studies so far. I have also created separate forest plots for other studies which I want to now add in to the larger plot. Using the meta, metafor, esc R packages.

Does anyone know if there is a way to add the overall effects obtained in another forest plot (below) to the overall forest plot? I would also need to add the Author/study name and their corresponding effect sizes/standard errors. Any help is appreciated!

SMD 95%-CI %W(random)
Sandberg_2vs1 -0.0849 [-1.1678; 0.9980] 51.6
Sandberg_3vs1 -0.9093 [-2.0412; 0.2226] 48.4

Number of studies combined: k = 2

                     SMD            95%-CI     t p-value

Random effects model -0.4838 [-5.7186; 4.7510] -1.17 0.4491

Quantifying heterogeneity:
tau^2 = 0.1180; tau = 0.3435; I^2 = 6.0%; H = 1.03

Test of heterogeneity:
Q d.f. p-value
1.06 1 0.3023


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