How to assign superscripts/groups for statistically similar post-hoc results?


I was wondering if someone can please help me assign groups, like we obtain from running a posthoc test. I have attached an example below. Here is my code:

theft_loc<-as.table(c(201L, 72L, 54L, 46L, 39L, 8L, 17L, 17L, 24L, 13L,
            107L, 148L, 177L, 168L, 122L, 151L, 225L,
            220L, 198L, 150L, 282L, 260L, 360L, 356L, 402L), .Dim = c(5L, 5L),
          .Dimnames = structure(list(c("First", "Second", "Third", "Fourth", "Fifth"),
                                     c("Appearance", "Aroma", "Flavor",
                                       "Texture", "Abstract")),
              .Names = c("", "")), class = "table")
chisq.multcomp(theft_loc, p.method = "fdr")


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