how to break 1 column in 2 colums

how i can break 1 colum in 2 eg
33.54+72.97 is in 1 colum and i want to break it in 2 colums eg 33.54 and 72.97

It looks like you want to use the {dplyr} function, separate()

my_data %>%
  separate(my_column, into = c("first_col", "second_col"),
                  sep = " + " )
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its not working please help
separate("x", into = c("LAT", "LONG"),
sep = " + " )

did you get an error ?
it would be rational to quote the error you receive... but in this case I can predict what it would be.

it could be that you havent loaded the assumed tidyverse library , which includes the tidyr library of which separate is a function.

even then, tidyr::separate does not process raw character strings, it processes dataframes with character columns.

Here is a complete example


(x <- c("33.54+72.97","33.56+72.91"))

(my_x_df <- enframe(x))

         into = c("LAT", "LONG"),
         sep = "\\+" )
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