How to calculate amount of patients

I have a dataframe with patients that have answered twice in same questionnaire in couple of years. Now I need to calculate how many patient developed problem, how many improved and how many maintained having problems. The answers are in scale 1-6 where <3 is no problem, 3-4.75 is sometimes problem and >= 5 is problems.

I have merged these two dataframe to one and tried to calculate difference by coding dat5$noproblem = ((dat5$sleepProblems.x)<3)-((dat5$sleepProblems.y)<3) but I only get a dataframe there is zero and minus 1 and which dimension is NULL.
I tried do the same with diff((dat5$sleepProblems.x<3) - lag((dat5$sleepProblems.y<3))) but I still get just list of different values.

How I can get the amount of patients?

(Sorry for unclear description)

Hi @Tinde,

as mentioned in your thread on SO, please provide some more details of the data and much better at least a sample of the data. You can use the dput function to get your data in a shape ready to copy-paste.

If this is also cross-posted on SO, please link to your post here as well.

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Oh sorry, didn't realize that! My problem is now solved and link to SO is here:

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