How to calculate exp function in add_ci function

I had data about Immunity value. I had Log transforming Immunit data to calculate. This is my code:

logTrans <- lien %>% dplyr::select(c3, Age, Immunity) %>%
mutate(gender = ifelse(lien$c3 == 1, "Male", ifelse(lien$c3 == 2, "Female", NA))) %>%
mutate(logImmunity = log(Immunity))

Duoi10lien4 <- logTrans %>% dplyr::filter(Age <=10) %>%
dplyr::select(logImmunity) %>%
tbl_summary(missing = "no",
statistic = all_continuous() ~ "{mean} ({sd})") %>%

Now i want to calculate the exp(confidence interval) in package (gtsummary)
Pls help me

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