How to code the equation


I would like to apply this equation below and have no idea to code them in R.
Would anyone share how to code this equation in ?
Thank you.

X= (a/b)^ (10)/(a-b)

Confirm the result and group to make order of precedence for operators to work as expected, if needed.

find_X <- function(a, b) {

#> [1] -0.01734153

Thank you for the code.
How should I apply with my dataframe?
Let say my dataframe with 'a' and 'b' column
And I would like to make a new column with a value calculated from the equation.
Thank you

A B New column
10 5
3 5
4 21
23 56
23 33

find_X <- function(a, b) {

(mydf <- data.frame(a = 1:3, b=2:4))
mydf$c <- find_X(mydf$a,

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Thank you for the code.
It was really helpful.



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