How to compare two different datasets in Shiny?

Hopefully I can do a good job explaining what I'm trying to accomplish. Here is a very simple script:



ui <- fluidPage(
  selectInput("cyl", "Cyl", choices = unique(sort(mtcars$cyl))),
  selectInput("mpg", "Mpg", choices = unique(sort(mtcars$mpg))),
  div(style="display:inline-block", textInput(('set_name'), label = 'Dataset Name',width = 200)),
  div(style="display:inline-block", actionButton(('select_group'),icon = icon('save'), label = 'Select Dataset')),

server <- function(input,output,session) {
  compileData <- reactive({
  res <- mtcars %>% filter(cyl == input$cyl & mpg == input$mpg)

  output$tbl <- DT::renderDataTable({


You will notice that there is a textInput and an actionButton that in the context of this script, have no use, which is where help would come in.

Let's say I set the input for cyl to 6 and the input for mpg to 21. It will return a value of two rows. Now let's say I want to save that selection for future reference by using the set_name input calling it "Sample1", and when I hit the select_group button, it then stores that selection and it's input into say, a checkbox. Then I select cyl = 8 and mpg = 10.4. That's another two rows, and then I name that "Sample2", hit the button, and then it goes to the same checkbox group where Sample1 lives. From there I can then compare both sets of data against each other. Theoretically, I'd be able to do this with as many samples as I need.

What would be the most effective way of going about this?

I don't understand.

When you select cyl and mpg, compileData() will be a dataframe with some rows (n.b., possibly zero rows).

I don't see how you can store a dataframe in a checkbox? That doesn't make sense.

And how can the next compileData() dataframe generated go into the same checkbox?

You could make a list of renderDataTable() and display these dynamically in the ui possibly, with a checkbox beside each one? e.g. output[["tbl1"]], output[["tbl2"]], etc.

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