How to connect to Workday RaaS report from RStudio

I am new to R programming.
I work on Workday ERP system. I need to connect to Workday REST API (RaaS report) from RStudio.
Could you please provide the steps to get the data from RaaS into R studio.
My Workday RaaS call details like this:

I have username and password to connect to it.

Could you please guide me the details to how to connect to Workday and suggest if i need to install any packages in R.

I expect this should work for downloading the file (but hard to be sure having never used that API):

url <- ""
username <- "your_username"
password <- "your_password"
my_csv <- GET(url, authenticate(username, password))

Then you can use one of these to read the content (depending on your taste):

read.csv(text = my_csv)
data.table::fread(text = my_csv)

Be very careful not to include your username and password in a git-saved file, if necessary put them in a separate file listed in .gitignore and read the content using source().

Of course, you can build the url using paste0() or other functions.

Hi Alexis - thanks for your help. I'm trying to accomplish this too, using a similar url and my own username/password, but get the following error:

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) : 
  Failure when receiving data from the peer

Any idea what I'd be getting that error?

Hi jk3234, first, since your question is different from the previous one I would recommend starting a new thread.

As to your problem, sorry, I have no idea, you could try using url() which seems to have worked here. Also, are you in exactly the same case as above, with an API that expects a GET request, do you have a proxy or antivirus that could restrict the connection, etc... ?

Okay thanks, I'll start a new thread.

But yes, same situation, also trying to access WD RaaS report. No proxy or antivirus that I'm aware that would restrict the connection.

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