How to copy/paste code for homework?

I need to save my work from R Language/R Studio so I can submit it for my class and my professor has the ability to just copy and paste the working code. On my mac I am running into the issue that it saves every punctuation so it won't work.

It would help if you expand a little on what is the actual problem you are having.
There are multiple ways to share your code and I'm a bit puzzled that your professor didn't provide you with the approach that works for him/her best.
For example, one good way is reprex package ( You can write your script and then it'll show the output of the commands that you can then share with your professor.
Another way is RMarkdown. You can write your report with supporting materials and share the file it generated (e.g., html, pdf etc) + source of the file that will be easy to copy-paste.

However, it is diffucult to say which option will work for you without more info.

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