How to create a 0-10 scale indicator?


I'm trying to create a new compound indicator, with 3 of my independent variables. All of them have different weights (meaning that they represent the 46,3%, the 38,5% and the 15,2% of the result variable). Moreover, all of them have very diferent ranges (first one is between 2-24, second 0-130, and last one is 0-22000).

Is there a way in RStudio that I can create this compound variable, which I think could be a 0-10 scale, so it's easily comparable and easy to understand?


See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners.

Here's one approach

dat <- data.frame(v1 = sample(1:24,100,replace = TRUE),
                  v2 = sample(0:130,100,replace = TRUE),
                  v3 = sample(0:20000,100,replace = TRUE))

scaled <- scale(dat)

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