How to create a new project in RStudio when access is denied

When I try to create a new project in RStudio I get an error message "access is denied".
How do I resolve this?

Do you have write access to the location on your hard drive where you are trying to create a project? Are you using RStudio desktop or RStudio server?

Hello Adam, thank you for your reply.
How do I know if I am using RStudio desktop or server?

Are you using RStudio in a web browser (like Chrome or Firefox) or do you open it as a desktop application installed on your computer?

installed on my computer

Ok try this.

  • Create a new folder on your desktop call "test_project".
  • Open RStudio and select File -> New Project -> existing directory
  • Hit the "Browse" Button and open the "test_project" folder you just created.

Does that work?

Hey that worked.

Thank you for your time.


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