How to create ensemble of Random forest and simple deep neural network in R

Hi there,
I am trying to develop an ensemble method between Random forest and simple deep neural network in R where features selected in RF would be the input for DNN in same sequence as they have been selected in RF. I am stuck at the point where I'm unable to make input for DNN via RF. I someone here can help me out with the issue.


It would help if we can see your actual code. Depending on how you are running your neural network it will greatly depend how the inputs to it should look like (i.e. if you are using keras etc).

Yes, For sure. I can share my code here with you. I want to combine it with random forest, where RF will act as feature detector or feature space generator.
My NN code is as attached as a screenshot as code is unattachable.

I can use keras or other modules if required. I just want to combine RF with neural network.

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