How to create hierarchy slicer from dataframe.

Lets say I have a tibble as seen below.


hiearchy_tbl <- tibble(BL = c("1","1","1","2","2","3","3","3"), 
       PG = c("1AAA","1AAA", "1BB", "2AB", "2BC", "3AAA", "3BCB", "3BCB"),
       PR = c("1AAAXYZ", "1AAAABC", "1BBNBC", "2ABCNN", "2BCYYY", "3AAATNT", "3BCBWAK", "3BCBTAK"))

I want to turn this into a slicer input that is comparable to PowerBI's slicer input / filter. See image below of example of the table above as this type of slicer / input.


I have tried some different html widgets but none really are giving me the output of selecting each level of the hierarchy.