how to create the standalone .exe / executable file of any R script (not shiny app)

Hello Guys,

I have a R script. i want to run that script on the server, but on the server i can not install R and R studio.

Basically i want to run script on the machine on which R is not installed.

That's why i want to create the executable file of that r script.
It is not a shiny app, regular script.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.

R is not a compiled language, it is an interpreted language so you can't run R code without having R installed in the system.

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Hard to tell without more context, but if you can't install R on that particular system, run R on another one (it could be a virtual machine) and make the output of your script available trough an API.

Thank you for your quick reply :blush:. Any other alternate option.

Thanks for the information :blush: