How to deploy a model as a web service API?


I'm looking at RStudio Docs and exploring the multiple offerings of RStudio Cloud, Shiny, Server, etc.

But can't figure out which one suits my needs:

How to deploy a model built with R as an API, to be consumed by another Gui, or Excel?

Thanks for your enlightenment.

For this use case I think you would want a virtual server on a cloud computing service (like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, Digital Ocean, Azure, etc) with R installed and make use of the plumber package.

I have my own Linux server, where can I find if and how to install R on it?

Thank you

Here you can find instructions on how to install R on supported Linux distributions

Thanks, but it is a bit too technical for me, I'll ask my host wether they install R Studio Server for me.

Just to clarify, you don't strictly need RStudio Server installed in your server to host the API, you just need R (they are not the same thing).

OK, that doesn't seem so complicated after all.
You say I can install the open-source R into a Linux server and build an API with Plumber package?
Should be worth investigating the documentation.


The development of the API would be easier on the RStudio environment but for deployment, you just need R, the plumber package and whatever package your API requires.


I have no experience with the installation of packages on the server, but I'll explore the documentation.

My host just installed R on a Linux server, I'll give it a try and explore a simple script to see if it works.
Thanks a lot for your help!


If you have access to docker engine in Linux server, there’s a friendly step-by-step guide by @skyetetra:

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