How to determine if a binary variable is symmetric or asymmetric?

After running the following code, can someone tell me if "Gender" is symmetric or assymetric?

Data = read.table("",sep=",", header=FALSE, na.strings="?")

names(Data) <- c("Gender", "Age", "MonthlyExpenses", "MaritalStatus", "HomeStatus", "Occupation", "BankingInstitution", "YearsEmployed", "NoPriorDefault", "Employed", "CreditScore", "DriversLicense", "AccountType", "MonthlyIncome", "AccountBalance", "Approved")

Data$Gender <- as.factor(Data$Gender)
Data$Age <- as.numeric(Data$Age)
Data$MonthlyExpenses <- as.integer(Data$MonthlyExpenses)
Data$MaritalStatus <- as.factor(Data$MaritalStatus)
Data$HomeStatus <- as.factor(Data$HomeStatus)
Data$Occupation <- as.factor(Data$Occupation)
Data$BankingInstitution <- as.factor(Data$BankingInstitution)
Data$YearsEmployed <- as.numeric(Data$YearsEmployed)
Data$NoPriorDefault <- as.factor(Data$NoPriorDefault)
Data$Employed <- as.factor(Data$Employed)
Data$CreditScore <- as.numeric(Data$CreditScore)
Data$DriversLicense <- as.factor(Data$DriversLicense)
Data$AccountType <- as.factor(Data$AccountType)
Data$MonthlyIncome <- as.integer(Data$MonthlyIncome)
Data$AccountBalance <- as.numeric(Data$AccountBalance)
Data$Approved <- as.factor(Data$Approved)

What does it mean for a variable to be symmetric or asymmetric ?

As I am aware, a binary variable should be symmetrical if both factors are of equal importantance e.g gender.

When I read the data in, I am not sure wether Gender is classed as symmetric or asymmetric. If it is not symmetric I can use a function to force the variable to be classed as symmetric.

Hmmm, R wont have a bias to weight Gender 'a' differently from gender 'b' in regressions etc. unless you instruct it to.
So on that basis I guess I'd say symmetric. Whether it should or shouldnt be weighted has to be decided by you depending on what analysis you are doing.

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