How to display raw data of an excel pivot through Rstudio

Hi, Everyone! Hope someone can help me on how can I display raw data of an excel pivot through Rstudio. Thanks

The question is not totally clear. You have a file generated in Excel that you want to import in R? Then the easiest solution is to export the file from Excel as csv, then load it in R using read.csv() or read_csv() in the readr package.

You can also import an Excel sheet directly with the package readxl for example, but you might run into difficulties depending on how the data is organized inside the Excel sheet.

In both cases things are much, much easier if the Excel sheet only contains a single table.

I have an excel file wherein data is in PIVOT TABLE form. How can I import the said pivot table in R Studio and show the data in R studio as well.

Because if I display the data of PIVOT TABLE in excel it will reach the maximum lines of 1.4M

excel pivot tables have an option to 'change data source' which should inform you of where the data source is. With that information you should be able to identify what part of your excel to export as csv.

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