How to display the progress bar for parallel processes using rstudioapi::jobRunScript?

I have a R script called parallel_progress_reprex.R that executes code in parallel and tracks the progress using progressr:

library(progressr) ## use progressr for procession updates
library(doFuture)  ## attaches also foreach and future
registerDoFuture() ## tell foreach to use futures
plan(multisession) ## parallelize over a local PSOCK cluster

xs <- 1:8

  p <- progressor(along = xs) 
  y <- foreach(x = xs) %dopar% {

When executed in the interactive mode or with source("parallel_progress_reprex.R") this displays a progress bar which tracks my progress. However, when I use the rstudioapi::jobRunScript command the progress bar is not displayed anymore.


How can the progress bar be forced to show up using rstudioapi::jobRunScript?

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