How to display two data outputs in R shiny

I am having two data outputs as below.I want to show them in an interactive html report using R shiny.How do i show them as i am new to r shiny.


Region Sum_as_Hours
1 Africa 1156.0833
2 Americas 740.1667
3 APAC 740.2833
4 Europe 1895.2000
5 PDO 1053.3500
6 UK 0.0000


Region Sum_as_Hours
1 Africa 1.7046559
2 Americas 0.7578695
3 APAC 7.5799541
4 Europe 4.9651339
5 PDO 8.2637964
6 UK 0.0000000

I want to have Region for both the functions as the input column/attribute for which user can select the region(s) they want to see the data.

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