How to do Correspondence Analysis with recurring row categories?

Hi! I'm new to R. I want to make a Correspondance Analysis and my CSV file looks something like this:


My problem is, in the "TYPE" column the categories are reoccuring and I don't now how to properly make a CA with that.

I've tried to google it, but in every example I saw there's a table in which the TYPE column consists only distinct categories.

With my re-occuring TYPE values, this code gives a wrong evaluation on the number of row categories:

library("FactoMineR") <- CA(my_data, graph = FALSE)

"The row variable has [insanely huge number] categories; the column variable has 3 categories."

How can I get a result like this?
The row variable has 3 categories (X-Y-Z), the column variable has 3 categories (dim1, dim2, dim3).

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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