How to download an .obj files into R ?

Hi again, I would like to kindly ask you how to download an obj file in to R, for example I want to download this file:

Any ideas are much appreciated, thank you.

Is it one of these or something else ?

Hi Nir,
to be honest I do not know, it looks similar to csv file.
This is an attachment to a post:

So If its a csv I would use standard methods such as base::read.csv or readr::read_csv to load it

Thank you Nir,
it somehow magically worked in spite of that, these two files have got two different files' extensions (csv and obj).
Interesting thing that before you posted your solution I tried download these files through Excel Power Query and I did. Then I tried to read it into R but it took ages and finally hung.
Thanks again.

aaa <-  readr::read_csv("")

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