How to draw and graph a diversity dominance curve

Hello everybody,

I am working with data collected from amphibians during a 6 month monitoring of a specific site, so as a result I have several species with their abundances. Now with these data it is urgent for me to generate a dominance-diversity curve.

How can I do it and what packages should I use?

Every R problem can be thought of with advantage as the interaction of three objects— an existing object, x , a desired object,y , and a function, f, that will return a value of y given x as an argument. In other words, school algebra— f(x) = y. Any of the objects can be composites.

For this problem x is information capable of being represented in a data frame as a typeof chr vector, species and a typeof int vector count, and y is a plot of dominance vs. abundance. x-y plots are easily constructed in {base} or with {ggplot}. The difficulty in this situation arises from the calculation of dominance and abundance from the data set.

The convention for such calculation is domain dependent. There may (or may not—I'm not an expert ecologist) be preferred methods that differ among phyla, for example. An appropriate text or paper should be consulted for direction as to whether, for instance, to used log abundance values along the y-axis and if some treatment other than declining number of species along the x-axis is indicated.

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